Aftermarket Vs OEM

Problems, problems, problems! If you’re anything like me I’m sure you’ve had to deal with your fair share of car problems.

You know, the ones that set you back a few hundred dollars and seem to happen all the time. Granted, we all have to deal with car issues it’s just a way of life; the key is to minimize the damage.

You may be wondering what is the best way to cut the damage caused by unexpected car expenses? The answer is to buy used working car parts. And the best place to find good used parts is a junkyard.

I know what you’re thinking. If I buy a used part, isn’t there a good chance that it will fail shortly, just like my part did? Not likely. Even if it does fail shortly down the road, chances are it’s a lot cheaper than buying new.

I want to clarify something though. It may be in your best interest to buy new parts if you own a domestic vehicle; (GM, Dodge, Ford, etc.) The reason being is those parts aren’t nearly as expensive as European car parts. But do your research on both new and used, and figure out the price difference.
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Audi Love – Why Buy?

Give some Audi Love

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Finest Luxury

The luxury interior and controls you’ll find with a premium automaker like Audi is unprecedented. It just “feels” right. There isn’t the clunky features some of the other, dare I say American cars have. It’s got nice seats (especially the Recaro’s), and nice finishes.

The exterior looks classy, and not at all cheap. Even the older Audi’s look nice, and were well ahead of their time.

With that said; you pay for luxury. Audi’s aren’t cheap at all, but you shouldn’t be trying to find luxury on a budget.
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What Do Auto Dismantlers Do?

Auto DismantlersCars and other vehicles are usually sent to a salvage yard because they no longer work. However this does not mean that they are worthless; a car contains a variety of parts and elements that can still have a lot of value, even if it has been severely damaged. It is the job of a salvage yard professional known as an auto dismantler to take these these vehicles apart and salvage any useful parts from them.

What parts of a vehicle are valuable to an auto dismantler?

As every car or vehicle varies, the actual parts that can be salvaged also vary. In every vehicle the metal it is made from (generally steel) can be recycled, and this is usually done by crushing the vehicle and removing any impurities. Auto dismantlers, however, have a different job: they look for the parts of a vehicle that are still functional and attempt to salvage those. In most cars and vehicles some of the engine components are very resilient and can be salvaged even if the vehicle is severely damaged. Other parts that remain functional and can be used as spare parts in other cars are also generally salvaged. An auto dismantler is generally very familiar with one particular type of car or vehicle, such as a truck, or a car of a particular make, and knows which particular parts are worth trying to salvage and which ones are more likely to be broken or worthless. Any particular part may be useful to an auto dismantler depending on the specific vehicle.

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Top Salvage Yards for European Auto Parts

Euro Auto Parts

Salvage yards or wrecking yard as some prefer to call them are centers for owners of vehicles who desire to hold on their vehicles a little longer can source parts.

Such vehicle owners strive to keep their automobiles in condition as the vehicles ignite sweet memories or just as a hobby. Maintaining such a vehicle requires repairs pronto and from reputable repair centers. Sometimes for the technically savvy owners, the repairs can be done at home. The above narrative sounds easy but in reality it is more intricate hoping from one headline screaming salvage yard to another. Hopping from one salvage yard to another happens because a specific part of an automobile happens to be missing at local dealer shops, is expensive or the original manufacturer discontinued production for several reasons.

Salvage yards, therefore, acquire a critical niche in the automotive industry and interest the owner and the insurer. Despite the role they play in the automotive industry a choice has to be made among many wrecking yard.
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Where to Get All Your Used Car Parts

European Salvage Yard
If you love to work on cars and are looking for inexpensive used automotive parts or parts for older cars an automotive salvage yard is the place to go. I kept my old Dodge Dart going for years on salvaged transmissions and spindles when I was first starting out after college (I also burned up the clutch a lot). My brother, who is now a master mechanic, helped me a lot with what to buy and where to get it.

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Guidelines to Having An Environmentally Friendly Salvage Yard

Environmentally Friendly SalvageSalvage yards provide important outlet that is used for recycling and reuse of automobiles and other metallic good’s materials. However, in the process of salvaging these materials, solid wastes are released into the environment. These wastes can be harmful or toxic to both human health and the environment. Therefore those who operate these salvage yards need to be aware of the best management practices they can put in place to control and reduce these effects. They should keep records of their waste management and recycling activities.

The salvage yard owners should possess knowledge to enable them manage these facilities in an environmentally friendly approach by which they will reduce potential effects to human health and also reduce the possible long-term environmental liabilities.
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Your First Stop For Recycled Automotive Parts

Junkyard euro carsWith the high cost of automotive repairs and parts these days, it pays to visit an salvage yard for recycled automotive parts. Not to mention, it makes an interesting afternoon excursion. Whether you’re looking for recycled Audi parts or another car manufacturer, it’s always wise to check out a salvage yard first. Consider a salvage yard a daily garage sale for the automotive DIY person and auto maven. You can save a lot of money when you choose recycled automotive parts. 

Automotive salvage yards typically take in vehicles that cannot be repaired due to the extent of damage done to them by accident, or mechanical mishap. That doesn’t mean the entirety of the vehicle and its components are no longer useful. For a vehicle whose body has been crunched beyond what it’s worth to repair, the interior and mechanical parts typically have plenty of purpose left in them.
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