Audi Love – Why Buy?

Give some Audi Love

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Finest Luxury

The luxury interior and controls you’ll find with a premium automaker like Audi is unprecedented. It just “feels” right. There isn’t the clunky features some of the other, dare I say American cars have. It’s got nice seats (especially the Recaro’s), and nice finishes.

The exterior looks classy, and not at all cheap. Even the older Audi’s look nice, and were well ahead of their time.

With that said; you pay for luxury. Audi’s aren’t cheap at all, but you shouldn’t be trying to find luxury on a budget.


They’re ALL-WHEEL DRIVE system rivals all of the competitors on the market. If you ride in an AWD Subaru and then get behind the wheel of an AWD Audi you’ll never go back. It’s night and day!

I wouldn’t even spend time looking at an FWD Audi, it’s a sin! Quattro Audi’s are the only way to go, especially if you live in snowy winters.

Little Details

The “little” details like the heated headlight washers and the Homelink garage door opener are a nice touch that goes above and beyond most auto makers.

The little details are what makes you fall in love with Audi.

Forced Induction

Audi has included turbo’s for a while now. Their popular 1.8L A4 engine comes with an efficient turbo that gives you boost when you need it, while upholding good fuel performance. The combination of performance and luxury makes Audi a clear winner if you want the best all-around auto maker.

Some Drawbacks

If you have to replace parts on an Audi, it’s expensive. And unless you know someone that is a great European auto mechanic you’re going to be paying a premium for the repairs. If you stick to the regular maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t be stuck with too many costly surprises.

You must remember though that anytime a car gets up there in miles parts are going to fail. And failing Audi parts can be enough to set your wallet back a ways.

Another drawback is they’re hard to work on unless you’re experienced. American cars are easy to fix while an Audi / Volkswagen can be a real pain.

Audi Love

If you can afford it, GET AN AUDI!

Nothing says luxury like an Audi, they are something special all the way around, but it’ll cost you.

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