Where to Get All Your Used Car Parts

European Salvage Yard
If you love to work on cars and are looking for inexpensive used automotive parts or parts for older cars an automotive salvage yard is the place to go. I kept my old Dodge Dart going for years on salvaged transmissions and spindles when I was first starting out after college (I also burned up the clutch a lot). My brother, who is now a master mechanic, helped me a lot with what to buy and where to get it.

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Your First Stop For Recycled Automotive Parts

Junkyard euro carsWith the high cost of automotive repairs and parts these days, it pays to visit an salvage yard for recycled automotive parts. Not to mention, it makes an interesting afternoon excursion. Whether you’re looking for recycled Audi parts or another car manufacturer, it’s always wise to check out a salvage yard first. Consider a salvage yard a daily garage sale for the automotive DIY person and auto maven. You can save a lot of money when you choose recycled automotive parts. 

Automotive salvage yards typically take in vehicles that cannot be repaired due to the extent of damage done to them by accident, or mechanical mishap. That doesn’t mean the entirety of the vehicle and its components are no longer useful. For a vehicle whose body has been crunched beyond what it’s worth to repair, the interior and mechanical parts typically have plenty of purpose left in them.
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