What Do Auto Dismantlers Do?

Auto DismantlersCars and other vehicles are usually sent to a salvage yard because they no longer work. However this does not mean that they are worthless; a car contains a variety of parts and elements that can still have a lot of value, even if it has been severely damaged. It is the job of a salvage yard professional known as an auto dismantler to take these these vehicles apart and salvage any useful parts from them.

What parts of a vehicle are valuable to an auto dismantler?

As every car or vehicle varies, the actual parts that can be salvaged also vary. In every vehicle the metal it is made from (generally steel) can be recycled, and this is usually done by crushing the vehicle and removing any impurities. Auto dismantlers, however, have a different job: they look for the parts of a vehicle that are still functional and attempt to salvage those. In most cars and vehicles some of the engine components are very resilient and can be salvaged even if the vehicle is severely damaged. Other parts that remain functional and can be used as spare parts in other cars are also generally salvaged. An auto dismantler is generally very familiar with one particular type of car or vehicle, such as a truck, or a car of a particular make, and knows which particular parts are worth trying to salvage and which ones are more likely to be broken or worthless. Any particular part may be useful to an auto dismantler depending on the specific vehicle.

Where do parts salvaged by an auto dismantler go?

The salvaged scrap metal and other salvaged materials are used to make new cars or other products that use the same materials. The parts salvaged by an auto dismantler, however, are not usually melted down into raw materials. Instead, they are generally used as spare parts in other vehicles, although this varies with each vehicle. Most vehicles contain generic parts which are used in many similar cars, and these are almost always salvaged as they can generally be resold for spare parts if they are still functional. There are also parts which are specific to that particular model or series of vehicles. If that particular car is very common, these specific parts are sometimes also sold for spare parts to be used in a similar vehicle. In the case of model specific parts for older or less common vehicles, salvaged parts often end up being melted down or discarded as they are not useful as spares due to the low demand. Generally the salvaged parts end up in other similar vehicles, as they are used in repairs for less than the cost of a new part.

How is the work of an auto dismantler useful?

Overall, auto dismantlers work for profit, they gain money from selling the parts that they salvage and that is their primary goal. However, it can also be argued that auto dismantlers are useful for the environment as they reduce the need for new parts and reduce the number of old parts being thrown away. This is particularly important as certain vehicle parts are harmful to the environment both in their production and as waste. Overall auto dismantlers are probably the most useful to those looking to sell their old vehicle for parts but lack the expertise to take it apart themselves.

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    1. Once the car has a junk title, at least in the state of Minnesota it’s impossible (to my knowledge) to get a good (clean or salvaged) title again for that car.

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